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Always looking forward

Be Magnificent was set up by Sam Higgins and Tony Berry in 2021 to enable and empower women, children and young people. Our combined experience of 25 years each of working either in media or community-based services has made us passionate about promoting change, challenging “the way it is” and has given us the determination to ensure that opportunities are open to all and not “under glass” for so many.


Our mission is to help all women, children and young people to recognise their full potential and power and be magnificent in whatever direction they choose to go. 

At a time where misogyny is rife, where women face attack simply for walking home, and are abused online for speaking out or simply being female, we are determined to offer opportunities to gain skills and confidence for them to make their own choices and make their own way. 

Our courses for professionals and volunteers concentrate on the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to deliver exceptional work in demanding times.

Our courses can be commissioned by one organisation for a number of staff, but we believe in the high value of multi-agency working. For this reason we will provide a calendar of training opportunities whereby organisations of any size can book one or more of their team members on to the courses to train alongside other professionals and volunteers in their geographical location.

Our service user programmes are designed to support women, girls and young people to see what they already are and what they already have, and be curious and ambitious about what is ahead.  

We are excited about working with partners in our communities to provide these programmes. We also recognise that funding for community services is limited which is why we aim to work with our partners to identify and secure funds to provide these services to whoever wants to attend.

We live in challenging times.  We understand that to be able to access education, activities and opportunities we must build enough self-confidence and self-belief to take the first step.

We believe in women, children and young people. We believe in our communities. We look forward. 

Classmates in the Library
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